Prepare for some juicy tomato vs tomato action...

Tomato Crush places you in an arena with three other tomatoes in a free-for-all battle with ninja, samurai, Sioux and wrestler tomatoes!

To overcome your enemies grab power-ups, avoid traps and use the bounce zones!

Smash your enemies to become the ultimate tomato champion!

  • PC Game Fun 2D graphics.
    Game 4 tomato characters: Ninja, Samurai, Sioux & Wrestler.
    Game 4 game mode: tournament, tomato lander, potato survive and bean splash.
    Videogame battles with 4 players (1 human and 3 CPU).
    Videogame AI opponents.
  • Videogame 10 maps.
    PC Games Bounce zones for an exciting and dynamic game experience.
    Games Traps and power up objects.
    Videogames Achievements.
    Videogames Mad audio tracks plus sound effects.